Nandur Madhameshwar Wetland

Nandur Madhameshwar wetland has been recently (January 27, 2020) declared Ramsar Site of international importance.

It lies in the 100 sq km Nandur Madhameshwar Bird sanctuary formed in 1986.

It is the first Ramsar site in (Niphad tahsil of Nashik district) Maharashtra and one among the 10 new wetlands declared under the Ramsar Convention.

In order to get notified as a Wetland under Ramsar Convention, the wetland has to meet at least one of the criteria. Nandur Madhameshwar has met seven out of nine criteria set for recognition by the Ramsar Convention.

Important Facts

1. Nandur Madhameshwar has lakes, marshes, and riparian forest on the Deccan Plateau.
2. It is home to many threatened birds like Indian Spotted Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Common Pochard, Bristled Grass Bird, Wooly-necked stork, White-rumped vulture, Indian vulture, and Egyptian vulture, threatened fish Deolali Minnow and mammal, like leopard.
3. The Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary area has diverse flora and fauna despite the semi-arid conditions due to being in the rain shadow area of Western Ghats.
4. It is a habitat to diverse fish species and includes  Butter catfish, Slender rasbora, Deolali minnow, Novacula razorbelly minnow, and globally threatened specie Shalini barb.

The Deolali minnow is a critically endangered species of cyprinid fish currently only known from the Darna River near Deolali in Nashik District, Maharashtra, India.
5. A Weir or low head dam is constructed at the confluence of the Godavari and Kadwa Rivers which has helped create a thriving wetland.

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