Salient Features of Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution is a magnificent piece of document which is unique and has several salient features that distinguish it from the constitutions of other countries.

Salient Features of Indian Constitution

Lengthiest Written Constitution

The Constitution of India is the lengthiest of all written constitutions of the world. It contains 395 articles 22 parts and 12 schedules.


Most of the provisions of Indian Constitution is borrowed from various sources (constitution of other countries).

Mix of Federal and Non-Federal Systems

Federal Non-Federal
Two governments, division of powers, a written constitution, the supremacy of the constitution, an independent judiciary, bicameralism, rigidity.Strong center, single constitution, integrated judiciary, all india services, state governer, emergency provisions, etc.

Rigid and Flexible

A rigid constitution is the one that requires a special procedure for its amendment whereas flexible can be amended easily like ordinary laws.

Indian constitution is a synthesis of both rigid and flexible constitution.

Some provisions can be amended like ordinary laws whereas some require special procedures.

Parliamentary form of Government

Indian Constitution has provided for the parliamentary form of government. It is based on the principle of cooperation and coordination between the legislative and the executive.

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