What are the Environmental Effects of Sulphur dioxide?


Sulphur dioxide(SO₂) is a harmful gas that can adversely affect the environment.

India is the largest emitter of Sulphur dioxide (SO₂) in the world, contributing more than 15% of global anthropogenic emissions according to a recent report by Greenpeace.

Environmental effects of Sulphur dioxide

1. Sulphur dioxide gas contributes to the formation of acid rain which is harmful to plants, animals as well as architectures like the Taj Mahal.
2. In combination with other pollutants and moisture, Sulphur dioxide is responsible for the formation of high resistance, visible corrosion layers on all except most noble metals (e.g. silver and gold) and alloys.
3. Sulphur dioxide a precursor for sulphate aerosols, a type of suspended particle that can affect the properties of clouds and also lead to outbreaks of haze and other health and climate problems.