What is 5G Network?

5G is a 5th generation mobile network which is a successor to 4G network currently in use.

It is a wireless communication technology that uses radio waves or radio frequency (RF) energy to transmit and receive data.

Advantages of using a 5G network?

5G offers many advantages over the previous generation technologies.

1. It will provide much faster wireless and data speeds than 4G networks.
2. The 5G networks will offer much lower latency (a measure of delay) thus improving the overall surfing and gaming experience.
3. 5G will provide the capacity and bandwidth as per the need of the user to accommodate technologies such as the Internet of Things.
4. It will help in enhancing and incorporating Artificial Intelligence in our lives.
5. It will also support Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services.

4G vs 5G

Data Traffic7.2 Exabytes/month50 Exabytes/month
Peak Data Rates1 Gb/s20 Gb/s
Available Spectrum3 Ghz30 Ghz
Connection Density100 Thousand Connections/km²1 Million Connections/km²

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